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Tuesday 06 September, 2016 | RSS Feed

Wu Hongling: "walk away dispensers" sell "Tarzan" smoke

Qu Hongling is Qixia City Town Pavilion shops on the main road circles celebrity, she said she is a celebrity, because she runs a shop, all customers, regardless of young and old, told her very well; and her business ideas with other shopkeepers there are big differences, especially in the business "Tarzan" has its own set of terms of cigarette sales "killer."

Qu Hongling from a young age with her husband has been the fruit business, accumulated some savings, supposedly, now older, children can take a look at home, Yang Yang flowers, with his wife to go around, enjoy enjoying. She happens to be "restless", have to spend a lot of money to rent a Menlian opened a retail shop on this main road. The family are opposed to many outsiders began to persuade her "little store, high rents, the area surrounding the old people are not spending a lot of space in this shop what money to make ah?" But Qu Hongling says, "I do not make money shop money is not important, it is to give yourself to find things to do, but also convenient for the surrounding community and passers-by. " Also not to mention, since the shop opened, the surrounding cells olds veteran families are all right here to sit, drink tea and chat. Because Qu Hongling is a warm, will take care of people, the elderly often get praise. In the old people to promote its recommendation, many children will come here to buy goods.

In order to increase the popularity, they would figure a Lehe, Qu Hongling press in the store a mahjong table, if you scrape together enough manpower, she would fill-in. Over time, to the business when Qu Hongling bit "proper job", and began to let customers own hands, and finally even have to pay for their own customers, she is to become "simply dispensers" the. Many people see this, they think like her business sooner or later is also not close ah. My husband is also a little less satisfied. But Qu Hongling never "walk away dispensers in" see opportunities. Because the area of ??the store by the impact, the types of goods rarely, and only cigarette sales fairly quickly, so Qu Hongling deliberately let her husband make a rectangular glass cigarette counter, divided into three layers, from both ends can be pushed opened the glass door, cigarette on the inside, first ensure the safety, and secondly, when she put the cigarette, specifically the "Tarzan" brand were placed in two, some of the best-selling cigarette in the middle. When her husband asked her why do so, Qu Hongling smiled and said: "Put" Tarzan "Smoke on the two is a deliberate act because the experience obtained in the sale of cigarettes in the long term: Tarzan" brand high profits, the price range, and supply is sufficient. In order to "Tarzan" serves decent smoke, on the recommended only for customers is the best way to accept yourself. If the customer Nayan yourself when the glass doors are opened two "Tarzan" series, and they want another brand in the middle, take up less convenient, some customers had to take the same price for the convenience of "Tarzan "brand. Take their own pay, with no reluctance. "

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