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Friday 20 May, 2016 | RSS Feed

Tobacco companies have implemented all over now packaged home

For moisture dehumidifier, I store the original small windows replaced with large windows, rainy summer, every day I regard the store doors and windows open for ventilation, my little warehouse is carried out by management. Rainy Day I purchased goods, looking for a carpenter to do the gallows, the following goods have mat wooden shelves, packaging is a cardboard box commodity, such as: Shi Sanxiang, sweet crackers, wife cake and so on. I try to put it in the top shelf of the local high-level ventilation is good, not easy to damp.
In summer the most difficult to keep my shop is dried vegetables, because I shop operator of dried vegetables and seasonings more. These rains relatively easy to get damp, must be packaged in a transparent ziplock white child, so that a customer can see the packaging, but also will not get damp, dust can not go down, but also some more hygienic. The bulk watermelon seed and sunflower like I was sealed with a ziplock bag, condiments ketchup and chicken, ginger, mostly because the iron lid, if from dust, be sure to remember to wipe with a dry towel, do not wipe with a wet towel, or easily rust, damage the overall image of the goods. Avoid salt stacked reasonable or not, a warehouse stacked salt and other goods away from the place as much as possible, or separated by tape. Prevent salt will absorb moisture from the air and damp damaged goods.
Weifang, Shandong Changyi Road 600 Chinese tobacco stores wish love
My store to sell more high-grade cigarette, "Tarzan" series of cigarette primacy of my shop, I shop that became "star" brand. I usually shop cigarette stocks is relatively large, the summer I pay special attention to the anti-cigarette pipe work, especially in some high-grade cigarette I said to them is "care" for me.
Tobacco companies have implemented all over now packaged home, coupled with the cigarette packaging than ever before improved. We try not to change the original packaging of cigarettes in the business, we have to use tobacco company sent the original packaging protection. For a short time the store does not sell cigarettes, not to prematurely open the plastic package. For the store apart cigarette, remember precautions to prevent moisture intrusion packaging, causing mildew phenomenon. In addition, the sample should be diligent in smoke within the counter replacement, and will not sell for a long time, placed there, resulting in losses. We cigarettes are placed on the second floor, the ground floor is high, generally does not wet the ground.
Explained by a few friends, we can see that in the summer as the owner can not be taken lightly, summer temperatures, rainy, hot, humid, Lingshou Hu cigarette business we need to guard against is indeed a lot of places, mildew proof, sunscreen, etc., we remember also live anti-fatigue. As long as we have each a matter of "defense" in place, so that the "anti" has its way, "Shou" There may be, to ensure that the store is not lost, so that it can safely buy cigarettes, rest assured that the sale of cigarettes, safe summer.
I wish you the boss here, had a safe and comfortable in the summer, to do the same business as the hot dog days of sun!

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