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Beware of "twin" Cigarettes cause losses

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, new varieties of cigarette tobacco companies gradually increase the consumer market a wide variety of packaging cigarette after another, it will inevitably be the store's "twin" cigarette dazzled. Kandian the elderly, should be even more vigilant, or cause the case the price is low sell high or sell low-cost, it will bring to the store "discount" economic losses and shops escutcheon. Sometimes too busy to shop, they will put themselves accidentally sell cigarettes packaging similar mistake, resulting in losses. You encountered such a situation? What to do to prevent this from happening? Let us look at several retail counterparts following experience:

Smoking hotel owner Jianglong yuan Drowsy summer is human nature, especially for those of us who long keep retail stores, the afternoon hours are the weakest point, accidentally buy the wrong goods. At noon that day not many customers, nor gather the neighbors Laoke, so sleep is the waves hit, head dusky. But not so to fall asleep, it is the customer door cigarettes:. "Bring me a bag Pu Wan" Customer is God, can not afford to neglect. So I quickly took out a bag and handed the customer from the counter, then take the money the change. And during the time this series of actions, my sleepy brain because not so clear. But until the customer left, I swept over the counter, the brain suddenly appears a sense of: I was wrong to sell cigarettes, the price of 26 yuan / package as the price of gold and Anhui 13 yuan / bag Pu Wan showed the customer . Most people naturally wake up.

But at the time in addition to the drowsy reason, I feel that my display method is also lacking. I put together two kinds of smoke exhibited, originally wanted to have a more, so buy some to help people who smoke at a glance, no one thought to create the conditions for their own mistakes. Of course, since then I put two kinds of smoke separated placed, and then there have been so wrong with selling events. However, I think, for our retail people, if drowsiness is difficult to avoid, our customers come to shop the best time to wait for a while, in that they are completely sober when the sales events better. If you worry about customer facing unavoidable neglect have any comments, you can forthrightly made it clear that because of drowsy, I think most customers can understand. Restaurant owner Zhu Huixiu My family is the hotel, just passing the cigarette trade, no formal counter, I did not place tobacco companies agreed to price tags issued and the bracket, I think this is the biggest reason for the wrong cause to sell. Remember never been seen just opened shop, I would often sells for 500 yuan / bag Huangshan a product and the price of 7 yuan / bag Huangshan (gold alcohol) confusion. The $ 7 $ 5 when sold, will not say who; when seven yuan to five yuan to take, people may not be happy, I say so not into fishing fish, huh, huh.