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Cigarette business all these years

Many cigarette Lingshou Hu regarded as its Zhendian treasure for the cigarette business are also very seriously. The following are two Lingshou Hu about his shop since been booked from the sale of cigarettes and smoke cigarettes both their own business experiences, and share. Lingshou Hu Ji Wenlan

Order smoke those things Remember never been seen in the just opened shop, order cigarette telephone orders. At that time the smoke set, the urban area who call each week to interview our store orders. Whenever the day set smoke, we will keep retail before the telephone can be said that guarding the phone refused to leave. As long as the phone rings, we'll call that the tobacco sector, it can be said sometimes took several phone calls ordering is tobacco. At that time the phone operator on the phone ordering is asked directly to this there are a few, we still do not want to answer it, and there is no limit to the number of order. The only drawbacks is that sometimes the answer will be wrong when we think in retrospect modify orders over the phone, there is no way to change it.

Later orders is the realization of network subscription. Remember that on our street, my shop is the first implementation of network ordering cigarette Lingshou Hu. At that time the smoke is really just the implementation of network provides fast, convenient, more humane. Because the Internet provides smoke, as long as they sell cigarettes on the set feeling down, do not sell can choose not to smoke. Order does not limit the amount of smoke every week, home inventory and more time, less set point, home inventory not in time, can buy an extra point. Later, with the network set Lingshou Hu smoke more and more, began to control the quantity ordered. Initially each week happened to be ordered in multiples of five, say ten or fifteen, as long as five multiples can submit the order. Gradually the number of the tobacco sector has a new set of tobacco regulations. Every week each order at least to permit tobacco smoke twenty-five. Less than this quantity of the order will not be submitted successfully. Now the tobacco sector to set the number of cigarettes have changed. Quantity more with less, according to the star's size to order. To order a minimum of small farmers twenty-five, in order to thirty households, to large order for 30 105, which is for the grocery store, the amount ordered those convenience stores, tobacco store is much more . In fact, it has been a usual light such a provision is also good. But to the year, the amount of cigarettes is put in order as much as a week at least to a few hundreds of a large order. Put the amount of cigarettes it does not matter how many touches, the key is now more and more cigarette retail streets yard, flower florist can sell cigarettes, repair shop where it is possible to sell cigarettes, snacks can also brie do tobacco permit to sell cigarettes, tobacco clothing store can be done to license the sale of cigarettes, it is incredible is next to a small shop tightly against a tobacco shop can do the business license to operate a cigarette?