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My Opinion of Summer cigarette business

I run a cigarette for several years, each year during the summer months, I will have to rearrange it again cigarette warehouse, avoid cigarette due to improper storage and mildew. Here to talk about a few methods and experiences I keep cigarettes during the summer, and encourage one another.
1, cigarettes should adopt the principle of a single place, try not to put together and other merchandise store. This will not cause the first cigarette odor; second, separate display, better ventilation, moisture, easy to distribute.
2, due to the high summer temperatures, so long as the sun cigarette taste is easy to change color. Therefore, when we display a cigarette, for sun drying it is easy to place, preferably with an empty cigarette display. For tobacco companies sent the whole pack of cigarettes wrapped in plastic film, we want to sell with the demolition with, are not open on the store, easy to damp. For high-grade cigarette store can with plastic bags wrapped into foam boxes or wooden cabinets for storage, this is not likely to cause mildew.
3, should be taken for cigarette FIFO, purchase ground principles of FMCG sales, if necessary, we must increase the stock, season to prevent cigarette stock and lead out of stock. But do not blindly stock, according to consumer habits in your area, do the appropriate inventory, so as not to appear a large backlog of cigarettes and mildew phenomenon.
A portion of health costs borne by the smoker, the other part of the commitment by the employers and the public sector, such as state and federal government. State Government's commitment to the health costs of smokers, mainly through cost Medicaid (Medicaid) of. In 1998, 46 states, five overseas territories, as well as Washington, DC, the federal government and five major tobacco companies reached an agreement.
Agreement: 1) the participation of tobacco companies to make self-regulation on advertising, as do advertising tobacco to minors; 2) within twenty-five years, the tobacco company to compensate the states and overseas territories to participate in the government totaled $ 206 billion; 3) states and overseas territories Government to abandon litigation against tobacco companies (note that this non-binding agreement on the federal government). To achieve this agreement is the result of smoking tobacco companies admit that Medicaid costs Influence.
We are more familiar with smoking outside of secondhand smoke and even third-hand smoke hazards. Refers to non-smokers inhale secondhand smoke Tobacco air. Third-hand smoke refers to the post-smokers "puff" remain in the clothes, walls, carpets, furniture and even hair and skin surfaces of tobacco smoke residue.
First Both are low-tar cigarettes; the second is that they are "in fashion model, wonderful heart" fashion thin cigarette. For those heavy smokers, smoking a large customer, taking relatively high price, but also like the change of pace from time to time the old customers, I'll give them Recommend gold leaf (century flavor), your smoke (Yuye One), gold leaves "Rise flavor" features to attract him with your smoke (Yuye one) tobacco and one novelty to "lure" him.