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New cigarette market in the city tobacco

As of this month, there have been "expensive smoke (Yuye One)," "Tarzan (Red General)", "Nanjing (Twelve Beauties flue-cured)," "Pride (x)", "Yellow Crane Tower ( world famous building), "" gold leaf (century flavor) "several new cigarette brands listed in Shizuishan City.

Each new cigarette market, the city tobacco companies will choose a strong business sense in the city in more than three thousand Lingshou Hu, and willing to accept new cigarette Lingshou Hu Recommend ability to serve as a new target customer, I was fortunate to become the top several new cigarette trafficking one of the goals of customers. To foster good that several new cigarette, in order to sell this well several new cigarette, I preheated before the tobacco companies to promote its new market began to pay attention to the concerns that several new cigarette.

In fact, it has several new cigarettes are "personality", their characteristics are very clear: "Run Aurea wine, tobacco and fragrance" - expensive cigarettes (Yuye One): By leveraging the unique micro-ecological environment in Guizhou, richer wine aid into the technical system of smoke, so wine Yuye infiltration Aurea also wonderful natural interpretation tobacco homologous. Multi-layered, rich flavor make pure fusion incense smoke flowing through the hair, creating a "wine in smoke incense smoke run in the wine," a unique experience, creating a new realm of cross-border tobacco smoke in Guizhou, leading consumer new fashion. Guiyan (Yuye One) Taste characteristics: incense smoke pure, pure and elegant wine, with pure tobacco aroma of the tone, full-bodied wine with nuances, between the throat and slowly released in the mouth, smooth entrance light , alcohol and delicate. Plump and moist flue gas, a clean-chun sweet aftertaste, aromatic and elegant. "Fingertips, filling the general character" - Tarzan (Red General): Classic mellow taste: Inheritance former generals (especially alcohol) of the classic recipe, adding more high quality superbly Luzhou tobacco, flue gas more soft and delicate, fragrant incense smoke more mellow; quality comprehensive upgrade: to cigarette filters, cigarette paper and each detail has been upgrading the system, the ability to enhance the quality control, from the first to the last one branch, branch branch mellow, mouth mouth met.

"Taste of Nanjing, breathing pride" - Nanjing (Twelve Beauties flue-cured): The recipe was first used as a marine bioactive extract specific additives, not only reduces the harm to a greater extent, to reduce the harm to the respiratory system while the rich aroma of cigarettes, to achieve a unified and elegant aroma and low-tar, low-hazard. Nanjing (Twelve Beauties flue-cured) tobacco protruding nature of the fragrance, it inherited 'Nanjing' brand style, while the aroma characteristics of a different kind. Aroma ethereal, delicate soft smoke. "Environment from the heart, free Pride" - Jiaozi (X): selection of high quality tobacco products as raw material, raw tobacco and special embellishment style design features of cigarettes in line with international trends, fine aroma, soft, cotton, elegant natural, pleasant taste, aftertaste and clean, unique personality style novelty. "Godsend elegant incense" - Yellow Crane Tower (the world famous building): Ya Yun Cheng antiquity through the ages of the floor, to show the unique charm of Chinese classics in between the confusion.