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Seven shop why not at liberty to move?

When staff monopoly investigation, the original holder households very unhappy, and some said: I am the master of the evidence, who are assigned to the sale of cigarettes to the tobacco companies, to contribute, it is necessary to log off my card? Some even say: finally do a tobacco license,

A: First, I ask you a question, some people lost their identity cards, can not borrow someone else's ID card work? Shop need to apply for business license, you do not want to run, and can not put a business license to someone else? Although there is no tobacco license ID card, business license wide use, but for the cigarette business, the role is great, which they can not replace the card, but also can not be replaced. Tobacco certificates and identity cards, licenses, as head of the above, name, business scope, business address, issuing authority, the date is valid after scrutiny, administrative license made. Thus, the tobacco license issued to whom, and who is the owner of this card, this card will have the owner responsible for the custody and accept supervision by the issuing authority. If you do not want to run, then it shall submit an application to the Tobacco Board closed. If you do not make an application out of business, private tobacco license transfer or lease to others, it is in violation of the tobacco monopoly license management approach, Tobacco Board will certainly find the door, in accordance with the relevant procedures, cancellation of your license. Here, we have to figure out a concept: not a closed rest for a while, and then continue to operate, that is completely out of business does not operate, the closure is suspended for a period of time, to continue to operate.

Some Lingshou Hu shop business for some time, feeling bad business, it will be moved to another street shop; some stores due to the demolition, but also free to move shop. In their view: This is normal, we do not need to re-submit a permit application to the Tobacco Board. A: We have to know that there is a retail cigarette rationalization layout. What is rationalized, give a simple example, how many seedlings acre field interpolation, generally have a fixed number range, interpolated much or too little, affect production. Tobacco business as well. If a street, Lingshou Hu quantity exceeds rationalization layout requirements, it will cause a waste of resources occurs between the license, shops and stores inventory backlog, unfair competition, which is the tobacco industry and Lingshou Hu would like to see things. Therefore, it is important to rationalize local. This requires Lingshou Hu in the business, the address can not move freely, if you really want to move, then we would permit the timely submission of an application to the local tobacco bureau. Tobacco Board will investigate your new address and other conditions permit, to make a decision on whether to approve. Some Lingshou Hu thinks Norway is not a local problem, can still sell cigarettes, tobacco bureau monopoly without seeking the views of staff, secretly moved the shop, do not meet the local requirements of rationalization, the results of the "old license be canceled, the new card Banbuxialai" It had become banned undocumented households.