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Smoking hotel next stop happiness

Smoking hotel after twenty years of development, in many cities it can be said everywhere, a three-step shop, shop,, Buyi large commercial street everywhere, neighbors next to the hotel, has become a unique one in many cities scenery. But in the heart also hide behind a lot of loss and Wu Nai, how many happy misery, opening and closing the store is also common. Put in the past, even before 2006, tobacco hotel business are pretty good, but business in the past few years, more and more difficult smoking hotel, the smoke channels into the hotel shuffle stage, smoke pattern has also undergone a hotel great changes. Some just rely on the sale of counterfeits have been eliminated smoking hotel consumers, smaller scale, in order to sell affordable products, the advantage is obvious smoke every situation Kusakabe hotel business, and some wine agents in order to smoke in the hotel integration in a very favorable position, subject to change in the wine business hotel and super passive situation, have also involved smoking hotel formats, such as the Millennium Tianjin hi, Xuzhou Tong Feng, and St. Xingtai, Shijiazhuang and other Department of Moet Hennessy, a good development momentum. Even more upstream manufacturers such as Maotai also build their own Direct stores nationwide.

On the one hand it is the traditional smoking hotel more than the number itself is very fierce competition, plus wine agents, regional liquor companies, famous enterprises at all levels of the channel sink and continue to strengthen the ability to control, so that the limited resources of the customer is divided by seize, the more accelerated rate reshuffle smoking hotel. Smoking hotel formats turning point has come, in the face of competition and challenges, the future of the road smoking hotel go from here? The author believes that the future profit model smoking hotel will be the subscription model has a precision of target groups. Always grasp and meet consumer demand, and strive to make the target customers and consumers to become a member, through meticulous service, improve member loyalty. Membership-based marketing model, the next major hotel should smoke in two directions: a horizontal expansion. Become the brand chain operator, which is characterized by a clear distinction between the brand name logo, or Direct cross-regional chain joined the business, such as Chinese wine line, plus a long long time Bo wine and other chain; Second, extending longitudinally. Become a club-style supermarket alcohol, which is characterized by large-scale single shop, business category, variety, and enjoy VIP service, it can just single store may be chains, such as Tangshan Long Yue and so on. No matter which direction the development of future smoking hotel business model is inseparable from membership brand business model. Comprehensive brand chain alcohol with club-style supermarkets in common, we find their strengths in the following areas:

First, the scale effect, stimulating the terminal store sales Scattered chain of business entities organized, with the scale advantages. We must establish a unified chain of distribution centers, unified distribution chain operator for each chain stores, often self-employed households to save distribution costs reduce costs. Wine stores number, the probability of customer choice to large sales increases, undoubtedly will increase bargaining power with upstream suppliers, adding more policy support, the consumers will get more benefits.